Market Intelligence

Having specialized in financial markets for nearly 30 years Collins Consulting Group has extensive market data, allowing them to deliver both: exceptional executive search outcomes within impressive timeframes, as well undertake benchmarking exercises across divisions, banks, and in some cases, entire industries.

With each executive research assignment conducted, Collins will garner market and competitor knowledge which, where relevant, provides clients with valuable market intelligence. This information is valuable when reviewing the competitor environment, specific market intelligence, or key talent in specialist fields.

Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking

As a discrete third party, well-connected and skilled at garnering information, Collins can find out where you sit and why, allowing you to decide what changes you may need to make in your business to get the competitive edge in an extremely competitive market.

Talent Identification, Management and Retention

Collins Consulting Group can help in the identification of the "best in market" through a variety of methods. This means you know when you have the best, and can develop strategies to keep them. It also gives you certainty you can quickly replace a non-performer, with minimum business downtime.

Comparative Benefits Reviews and Benchmarking

Money is never the right reason to walk away from a job, but it’s the easiest one. It’s also an easy one to benchmark and change, and it’s often more cost-effective to increase package than to recruit and bed down a new hire. Collins Consulting Group can be contracted to research the market to determine the range of salaries and benefits associated with particular positions and specialisations.

Human Capital Due Diligence

If you’re buying a business or a team, it will only ever be as good as the sum of its parts. Ask us to help you be sure of your human capital before you buy.


“The team with the best players wins”

 Jack Welch